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We provide a scalabale e-learning framework

About Us

The IDEL Team

Our team consists of veteran educators and connected learning specialists who understand that we begin quality learning experiences by design.   

Dr. Nouh Al Hindawi, Director of IT, Ministry of Higher Education, Jordan

Dr. Carrie Bauer, Instructional Design Associate, Arizona State University 

Cindy Bonfini-Hotlosz, Chief Executive Officer, Centreity Learning Solutions 

Dr. Mohammed Gh. I Alzamil, Professor of Computer Science, Yarmouk University

Dr. Rebecca Granato, Associate Vice President for Global Initiatives, Bard College 

Amy Pinkerton, Instructional Designer, Johns Hopkins University

Jacqueline Strecker, Connected Education Officer, UNHCR

Kristen Treglia, Senior Instructional Technologist, Fordham University 

Dr. Diana Woolis, Director, Center for Learning in Practice, Carey Institute for Global Good 

Charley Wright, Connected Learning Specialist, UNHCR

THE IDEL Framework

The Instructional Design E-Learning (IDEL) team combined a centuries-old, student-centered pedagogical model of excellence with Knowledge Taxonomy, Cognitive Apprenticeship and Backward Design to create an Intelligent pedagogical framework to maximize the use of AI from the course design phase.  

By breaking down the different levels of knowledge, we can identify those areas of the curriculum best suited for leveraging artificial intelligence to maximize student support; enable differentiated instruction; reserve instructional time for where it’s needed most; lower costs of provision; and ultimately open access to higher education for the most vulnerable learners.

The model focuses on the student experience, creating a three dimensional learning environment that connects cultures and contexts.    

Our Mission

To reach the goal of 15% access to Tertiary Education by 2030, we need a scalable, evidence-based pedagogical framework that creates meaningful educational experiences for a diverse population of students.   

The IDEL team as part of the Connected Learning Consortium is committed to reaching that goal by supporting initiatives that focus on inclusion, working with Ministries of Education and universities across the globe.    

This team is a subset of the Connected Learning in Crisis Consortium.   All work of this team will be available as Open Educational Resources.    

Open Educational Resources

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Jordan Ministry of Higher Education December 2019 Workshop Workbook (pdf)


Our Partners


Connected Learning in Crisis Consortium

A consortium of 27 Organizations that are dedicated to producing quality tertiary education for refugee and vulnerable populations.

United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR)

The UN Refugee Agency

Jordan Highlight Video

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